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they will be hosting the olympic games. >> a foreign policy breakthrough for president obama and the world. an unprecedented agreement with iran. >> iran is bent on building. >> the nuclear issue is is a problem. >> my central goal is to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. >> the u.s. and its allies signed an historic agreement. >> these are substantial limitations. >> this deal freezes iran's nuclear program. >> and it allows for daily inspections. >> daily inspections of iran's nuclear facilities. >> which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. >> the deal is already being criticized. >> this interim deal is dangerous. >> partisan bickering is the background noise. >> questioning the big deal that president obama made. >> the first true dialogue in 34 years. >> this is a process mplgt. >> as a first time presidential candidate in 2008, president obama promised that foreign policy would focus on diplomacy. john mccain criticized the president for saying he would seek to speak directly to the leaders of iran but president obama has now broken america's 34 year isolat
of you anyway. you are going to be at the table, one of your crazy relatives is going to go off on obama care, or benghazi, iran deal, our socialist president. and the smart thing to do of course is to just ask for more dessert. but. you feel look ruining everyone's meal, you can actually start arguing. tonight, we will give you've the facts that you need to win. >> it has been a rough couple weeks in washington. >> grab your pitchfork. >> once again here we have. >> republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> again. again. again. >> when it comes to obama care. >> obama care scandal. >> there is no way to fix this. >> how about we defund the whole thing. >> the republican spotlight returns to the benghazi tragedy. >> benghazi attacks. >> so many questions about benghazi. >> calling it a scandal bigger than watergate. >> the strategy of never tell the truth. always say you are winning. >> a big hearing on capitol hill. >> my question is who is going to jail over the scandal. >> nobody. >> please, don't answer yet. >> once again. here we have, my republican colleagues trying to sc
our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago. i would like to send him back to kenya. [ applause ] >> that was at a north texas tea party event about two months before mitt romney lost the presidential election and of course it was long after president obama had produced his birth certificate showing that unlike either raphael cruz, sr., or junior, he was actually born in the united states. joining me now are msnbc political analyst steve schmidt, senior adviser on the mccain '08 campaign and joy reid, nbc contributor. this latest video about him wanting to send president obama as he puts it back to kenya was pulled out today. it's been around. they highlighted it. and then the senator put out a statement saying he doesn't -- his father doesn't speak for him. >> it's so precious when the guy whose son was born in canada does birther jokes. that's adorable. it highlights without the media officially there kind of the way conservatives are talking amongst themselves. and that really is the problem. the problem is even with the 47% video, this was mitt romney be
. >> the impact of the obama care debate in yesterday's election. >> obama care is a failure. >> get ready for this. >> kathleen sebelius is back on capitol hill. how long can a hot seat stay hot? >> obama care is a failure. >> when you look at what happened last night. >> republicans ha to work extra hard. >> were voters really sending a message? >> big questions remain. >> there is a lot to digest over this. >> the civil war within the republican party continues to rage. ♪ >>> the republican establishment is fighting back against the two party attempts to take over the republican party. and last night, the republican establishment won. >> i'll tell you it is a shame what happened to ken cuccinelli because -- he was betrayed bay his own party. >> in virginia, a weak democratic candidate beat a much weaker and crazy sounding tea party candidate, ken cuccinelli. today a disappointed rush limbaugh let his audience in on the dirty little secret of that campaign. >> shea didn't want him to win. this is the dirty little secret. not like it is a secret now. such is the animus towards the tea p
should have done a better job. >> president obama gets an earful from fellow democrats. >> we believe this needs to be fixed. >> i think we can get it fixed. >> they are worried now about the mid-term elections. >> what we have to do for the fix is thread the needle. >> when it comes to this health care law, there is no way to fix this. >> what we should not do is what the republicans want to do. >> the upton bill. >> the upton bill is a very dangerous bill. >> is not a good bill. >> john boehner has called the upton bill a targeted strike. >> what is unacceptable is what the republicans want to do. >> what is it that you want to do? >> scrap this law once and for all. >> we can't go back to the status quo. >> the website will get fixed. this will get better. >> it is going to work. >> the health care law has survived a lot. >> the bill is passed. >> well, wait a minute. wait a minute. >> it can be upheld. >> i am your father. >> the health care law has survived a lot. >> the mood among democrats has gone from nervous to panicked. >> is that it? is it over? is that your understanding?
the affordable care act is to leak it to glen greenwald service stamping it top secret. >> the obama administration's self-imposed deadlines. >> ten days before the administration's deadline. >> for fixing the federal health exchange website. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> obama care. >> they need to get this right. >> it passed the glitches with the website. >> the website and enrollment situation -- >> it will be a lot better. >> -- is in a better place today than two or three weeks ago. >> the health care law needs to be scratched. >> get rid of it? >> that's the only way it will work. >> i'm willing to work with democrats and republicans to fix this. the affordable care act is going to work. >> i think i'm pretty white, the whitest guy i know, i'm very pale. >> there is good news about the affordable care act tonight. it is not about the website. it is not about the enrollment numbers. good news about part of the law that almost no one thought would really work, including many of the law's supporters. at fordable care act was first and foremost designed to help extend health in
to 2007, as soon as i saw that barack obama was raising the same amount and in some cases more money than hillary clinton, i thought then hillary clinton is going to lose because her poling number was up in the 40s and he was about 20 points behind but her number looked to me like a ceiling. if she were to run, if she were to have fund raising as barack obama did, that would be a real race. >> i think so. barack obama had this grass roots army. freed him up in time which is important as a candidate and one could argue in policy boundaries. thinking that christie can bully his way around the country. hi hillary has a great personality that people are attracted to. and how many democrats went along with the war. >> and barack obama's credibility on that combined with the candidacy is what accept raseparated him. i think if barack obama had been a pro war and pro wall street guy it would have been a different primary. that goes to whether this hangover goes to populism. in the tea party they have a lot of grass roots energy. it's within the gop. occupy and a lot of the pop ewe list economic
of americans struggling and out of work. here's senator paul giving a response to president obama. >> under president obama, the ranks of america's poor have swelled to almost one in six people. we are now at an all-time high in long-term unemployment. millions of americans are struggling and out of work. >> when you read that, one in six, the numbers appear. exactly the same way. if you were a criminologist you would say this guy is taking stuff from that guy. this isn't just a coincidence factor here because it would be one in a zillion here for the words to follow the way they have. >> it's clear there's a lot of sloppiness here. my teenage daughters know when you're writing a paper, you don't just lift things off of wikipedia which may not even be true. whoever is doing this cutting and pasting off of ap which is non-stylistic, straightforward. but at least my kids know you make a change of a word or two here or there so your teachers don't have a case against you. whoever he's hiring to do speeches -- >> that's why you have a thesaurus. a thesaurus sitting next to your desk. >> chris,
presidential nominees in the history of the united states senate, half of them were against president obama's nominees. president obama welcomed the change. >> one of the president's constitutional responsibilities is to nominate americans to positions within the executive and judicial branches. over six decades before i took office. only 20 presidential nominees had to overcome filibusters . in five years, 30 treated this way. >> mitch mcconnell could offer nothing more than a threat. >> the friends on the other side of the aisle. you will regret this may regret it a lot sooner than you think. >> joining me, the columnist for "the washington post," msnbc analyst, alex wagner host of "msnbc's now with alex wagner." the threat by mitch mcconnell had me intimidated. i was like afraid what happens when the other side has the power. i recently came around. like the final few senators to the realization that of course they have got to do this. because in fact, when the republicans have power, and the republican presidency, the, democrats in the senate would not be attempting to use the filibuste
'donnell. >> on this night five years ago i was in chicago watching barack obama's presidential campaign make history. he is still campaigning to make the affordable care act a success. >> just remember this, i have run my last political campaign. >> policy versus politics versus plans. >> but i have got one more campaign in me. >> is obama care on life support in the president is hoping that this is the right medicine. >> we have just got to keep on working. >> time and time again. >> we heard it on the sunday shows and this morning. >> the other news that people are focused on. >> 3.5 million people have gotten cancellation notices. >> notices that some americans have gotten. >> just five% of americans. >> there has been so much noise and misinformation. >> a majority of those folks will get better coverage. >> they will do better. >> better coverage than they have ever had before. >> making the insurance market better for everything. >> they know that the clock is ticking. >> the american people don't want the government to shut down and they don't want obama care. >> policy versus politics versus pla
obama, bill clinton and john boehner of all people have found something about the affordable care act that they can agree on. >> it's clinton vs. obama, part two. >> the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people. >> you will keep your health insurance. >> former president bill clinton weighed in. >> let them keep what they've got. >> thank you bill clinton. >> a lot of problems. >> disappointing obama care numbers. >> doesn't surprise me. >> i think things are going to pick up. >> they have got to fix this and fast. >> i have not seen figures. >> expecting official numbers from the administration. >> releasing by the end of the week. >> we need to work to implement it. >> listen to debbie wasserman-schultz. >> every single day. >> they know when it is successful their candidates lose. >> when we look back we will be better off. >> still with all this peeling up. >> we are not going backwards. >> there is this ideological opposition. >> it is about ideology. >> most obvious example is >> they know when it is successful. >> republi
last word with lawrence o'donnell." have a great night. >> president obama began this week defending the biggest legislative achievement of his presidency affordable care act. >> i have run my last political campaign. but, i will tell you what, i have got one more campaign in me. the campaign to make sure that this law works for every single person in america. >> this evening the president gave an exclusive interview to nbc news chief chuck todd at the white house. the president issued an apology to those people who were surprised when they got insurance cancellations notices in the mail. >> thank you, mr. president. >> great to see you, chuck. >> nice to see you. i will start with health care, probably the most quoted thing, requoted thing you have said in your presidency. if you look your health care plan you can keep it. you said it a lot during the run-up. at this point, though, it's obviously something a promise that has not been able to be kept, just to date "denver post" reported 250,000 people in colorado are seeing health insurance approximately seize chan -- policies cancel
obama killed god. everybody freak out. folks at media matters noticed the story today. and since posting all of the embarrassed corrections from all of the conservative media outlets that ran head first to the story that did not exist. not all are apologizing yet. and why would they? the stuff has been working for them for years. amazing. now time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >> this time he left the courthouse, wearing an ankle bracelet. george zimmerman's first appearance. >> facing domestic violence charges. >> aggravated assault and battery. >> the initial purpose of the hearing ties determi hearing -- >> his girlfriend threatened her with a shot gone. awe his girlfriend called 911. >> he pushed me out of the house and liked me out. >> though police had arrived. >> he dialed 911, saying he never point aid gun. >> i just want everyone to know the truth. >> when the authorities investigated they did take him into custody. >> george zimmerman, spent the night behind bars. >> he can have no contact with his girlfriend. >> he can not have a weapon. >> the
mistake. >> this was a monumental mistake. >> the chairman attacked obama administration's rollout. >> daryl issa wasted no time. >> let's say he hasn't been happy with the response. >> will what happens next? >> we now have breaking news. >> the long awaited enrollment numbers. >> how many people have enrolled. >> put some of them up on the screen for you. >> just over 106,000 signed up. >> does that mean the republicans stop? >> please don't answer yet. >> let fight begin. >> we have got to get the website up and running. >> we believe site will be working smoothly by the end of the month. >> democrats are confident. >> nobody in this room. nobody in this country. >> this is not about politics. >> this is barbaric politics. >>> there is a brewing revolt tonight among democrats in the house of representatives according to at least one unnamed democrat who told nbc news today -- there is a brewing revolt among house democrats, the white house never has our back on these types of things. they have no plan b, no apparent fix. they're clueless on top of that. bill clinton sure as hell
's reporting on the in a major victory for governing sanity, the obama administration is beginning to follow the advice of this program and -- and rewrite the irs rule on 501 c 4 organizations so that they will no longer be abused as vehicles for political campaigning. and, in the rewrite tonight, a christian school has threatened to expel this 12-year-old girl because the the school authorities don't like her hair style. now when you look at a picture -- of jesus christ's hair -- the answer to the question what would jesus do seems kind of obvious. and later, france, france, has pick a fight with my neighborhood. that's right, the french government has decided to specifically attack dorchester in writing. you have me and mike wahlburg to deal with, france. dorchester will be defended tonight by me and a couple of my dorchester buddies. retirement plan. i started part-time, now i'm a manager. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month
are saying. >> he also said that you cannot repeal obama care as long as president obama is in office, as long as the democrats control the senate. in other words he recognized the fundamental political arithmetic of this, which so many republicans don't recognize. >> i do think that is an interesting thing in a louisiana primary, which is a pretty conservative place. he does appear to be somebody, and i have never met him nor his opponent but he does appear to be somebody who is realistic and that has been absent on the far right of the republican party. it sounded to me like he wants to do what is right for his constituents. louisiana is one of the poorer states in the country. a lot of his people are going to get health insurance from obama care, which is, after all, a heritage foundation authored plan. this is not a crazy left wing plan. so it is just fascinating to see what this is going be like. >> supporters spent saturday night celebrating uncolluding duck dynasty star willie robertson. >> i walked out of the woods a while ago and i had to find this place. he's just a regular
obama killed god. everybody freak out. folks at media matters noticed the story today. >> this time he left the courthouse, wearing an ankle bracelet. george zimmerman's first appearance. >> facing domestic violence charges. >> aggravated assault and battery. >> the initial purpose of the hearing -- >> his girlfriend threatened her with a shot gone. awe his girlfriend called 911. >> he pushed me out of the house and liked me out. >> though police had arrived. >> he dialed 911, saying he never point aid gun. >> i just want everyone to know the truth. >> when the authorities investigated they did take him into custody. >> george zimmerman, spent the night behind bars. >> he can have no contact with his girlfriend. >> he can not have a weapon. >> the judge set zimmerman's bond at $9,000. >> i'm not increasing your bond. >> he is presumed innocent. >> as far as i'm concerned. this is a brand new case. >> george zimmerman's friends were not with him in court today. he stood in the florida courtroom today without the high powered defense team who got him a not guilty verdict in the murder of
an msnbc analyst. msnbc analyst. david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama. steve, what is your read of the virginia outcome? everybody thought it was a blowout. would be called. and that was not the case. had it not been for the decision to pick the nominee at a convention, if republicans had an inclusive process, let voters determine it. it almost certainly would have resulted in a nominee who would have been the governor elect of virginia as we sit here at this hour. and -- the bottom line is -- the wrong message will be received by the tea party in the sense that, it will once again be a conspiracy on the part of the establishment, where they have been screwed and wronged and, it's not the fact that this was a person fundamentally out of step idea logically in a state that republicans could win. i do thing it is true that -- when you look at the depth of terry mcauliffe's difficulties. his flaws as a candidate. and you look at the spending patterns. had there been an investment of money. cuccinelli may have been able to pick them off. if you are a democrat. you have
Search Results 0 to 48 of about 49 (some duplicates have been removed)